It is true that a wedding is truly about two people tying the knot, but honestly, we all want to have a fashion moment for ourselves too. You might be meeting old friends Or your family, or you just want to impress everyone with how gorgeous you look. But choosing the right outfit for the event is surely more difficult than we think it will be.

As more weddings are transforming from traditional to contemporary settings, it’s time to update your wedding attire. Here we give you a guide on how to look for the best-dressed guest at any wedding that you attend.

1. For a glamorous wedding

These types of weddings can be called formal or black-tie weddings. Usually, a wedding that probably happens in a ballroom or somewhere is quite rare but they are probably the best situation to bring in all the glamour you have got. Opt for a dress that is exaggerated yet classy at the same time.

Our black long dress is the perfect dress fora black-tie wedding. The dress features a plunged neckline and a high slit on the side for a chic yet elegant look. Finish the dress with sparkling shoes or precious jewelry. Don’t forget the clutch!
2. For a casual wedding

Casual weddings are quite relaxed and it actually gives you the liberty to wear anything that you really want to. These weddings can happen on the beach, backyard, or even in a garden. Just because it is a casual wedding does not mean that you don’t look refined. But the best part about these kinds of weddings is that you can wear any kind of dress that you want. The perfect opportunity to reutilize some cute dresses from your Closet.

For these events, we love our short-slip dress in black because it is casual yet refined. You can easily dress it up or down according to the type of place you are invited to. We simply love to style it with a chic bag, sandals with or without heels and simple jewelry.

3. For the girls who hate dresses

Not a dress person or you simply just don’t feel comfortable in dresses. There is nothing wrong with that, in fact, dressing in clothes that make you feel comfortable or beautiful is always the right way. Well, also there is something chic about gorgeous trousers. The main goal is to look for trousers that won’t look very formal or way too casual. Opt for wide-legged trousers to elongate your body and look refined at the
same time.

We love our silk trousers which are the pure definition of elegance. They have the ability to elevate any top into something perfect for a wedding. We love to style them with a beautiful spaghetti top, lots of gold jewelry, glittery shoes, and a minimal clutch. This outfit will surely get you the award for the best-dressed wedding guest.

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