We are not here to explain to you the glory of neutral dresses. Neutrals are probably the easier ways to look chic and effortless. They also go with everything and can be worn in a minimal way or with just accessories. We can already think of at least 10 ways we would style a neutral dress. 

As we said we won’t talk about the glory of neutral dresses, we did do that! That’s why neutral dresses make the best investment piece in your whole closet. That’s why we can’t stop talking about neutral silk dresses. Colour is one aspect of investing, the other aspect is always the fabric and that’s why we love it. Silk will not only make you look extra chic but will also instantly level up your closet.

Let us talk to you about some of our favorite neutral silk dresses from our collection:
1. Black Silk Dress

It’s minimal, it’s chic and it’s everything you need to transition from a casual day to a fancy dinner. Elevate our black dress with strappy sandals and a blazer in the evening or layer it with a turtleneck and a pair of versatile boots for the day.

2. Cream Silk Dress

Cream is the perfect in-between color for white and beige. It’s more subtle but still has the glam of the color white. Silk almost intensifies the luxurious feel of cream. So, if you are someone who is afraid of soft neutrals then cream might just be the perfect place to start.

3. White Silk Dress

This dress is definitely a show-stopper! It can be very overwhelming to wear a white silk dress. But, no other color can give you that power of walking into a room wearing a white silk dress. If you want to start wearing a white dress, our tip is to style them with darker colors. Style it with a dark blue blazer, brown boots, and a brown bag.

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