About incantevole

Incantevole was founded in 2021 by Ida Gasparova with one thought in mind- “Women deserve to feel feminine and sensual while remaining classic.”

About Ida

A timeless ode to Italian craft for the modern woman.

A model turned entrepreneur, animal rights activist and globe trotter; Ida believes in creating a brand that is more than just high-quality products. Through her brand Incantevole, Ida wants to build a lifestyle brand that will be the very definition of modern luxury. Incantevole offers minimal, yet distinctive luxury pieces that can be integrated effortlessly into any modern woman’s wardrobe.

Ida’s Story

When Ida Gasparova thought of retiring from the modelling world, starting her own brand was the only logical next step to take. Combining her love for fashion and travel, Ida began to spend about 6 months of every year roaming through the world to enhance her own sense of being and get inspired from different cultures while remaining mindful to give due justice to each one of them. Her brand Incantevole Milano is an ode to Ida’s love for fashion, travel, photography and minimalism.

Ida grew up in a small town in Slovakia. When she realised that she wanted to build a greater life than the one she was leading, she left home with a small suitcase and a single-minded dream. Ida recalls life being hard and initially it was difficult for her to sustain her dream of working in the fashion industry, but, with time, she persevered to *play her role in Europe’s modelling circuit.


Ida has an all- encompassing love for all animals especially the majestic Elephants. She once took a trip to Laos, where she saw beautiful elephants wandering in freedom without a chain in sight as she has seen in other places. This sight effected Ida to such an extent, that she made it her goal to create a charitable organisation to fight animal abuse, she hopes to one day have a large & positive impact on the issue with her work.


“I want women to feel feminine in my creations” says Ida while describing her focus for Incantevole. “ The goal is to take a step back from fast trends and create timeless pieces that a woman can cherish for a very long time” she says.

The Founder

“I want women to feel feminine in my creations”
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