Milan is the city of fashion, apertivos, and luxury. Before we get started with what you need in your closet to look Milanese you need to understand the style of Milan. It can be described as bold, eccentric, and confident. Just by walking through the streets of Milan, you can already see that people love to dress up in Milan. Usually, the styles are classic but they always love to add a flare to every garment that they like to wear. The main thing to remember is to always look confident in whatever you are wearing.
Now, let us look into the pieces you need to own to get the perfect Milanese look:
1. Versatile trousers
Classic pieces are the epitome of Italian fashion. It is even better if it is made in luxurious fabric or it is tailored to fit you perfectly. You should also look for trousers that have minimal details in them. Style it with a simple monochrome top and add pops of color with a scarf or neckpiece. But remember when choosing the colors of the trousers always opt for a neutral shade.
2. Chic leather bag
Milanese people love their leather goods. Also, a leather bag is surely an investment piece. If you cannot invest in one just thrift it. But the goal is to carry an exquisite leather bag that is made in Italy. Again choose a classic design in black or tan shades.
3. Elegant wool coat
Milan surely gets cold in the winter and it’s time to invest in a beautiful wool coat. Go for along wool coat so you can comfortably wear a dress underneath it. Make sure that the coat is not a trench coat because we are in Milan, not Paris. This is where you can go for a bold red or stay classy with beige/black.
4. Chic yet minimal dresses
Going to an apertivo? You might be thinking that drinks after work is a casual occasion. But it surely is not! It is culturally appropriate to look presentable for an apertivo. It is important to always look presentable. This is why a versatile dress is important. A dress that can be dressed up or down is crucial because you can throw on some accessories to level up the look. Look for a dress that is in a neutral shade, preferably in a luxe fabric.
Smart in trousers
A multi-purpose trouser is a must-have in a fall closet. Style your multi-purpose trouser with our silk top, heels, and a handbag that can carry everything you need. This is the perfect outfit for a casual day out in a city
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